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Country Club or Private Club? Boost Service and Sales

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Many of the private and country club managers we speak with share themes of the following:

“…[our club] is an incredibly great facility with a genuine interest in wine.  However, we are still managing both our main wine list and our locker programs by spreadsheet, paper and pencil.  This means that our food and beverage managers are spending time on mundane paperwork instead of building a more profitable wine program.”

Does this sound familiar?  If so, we have a comprehensive solution, designed with private and country clubs in mind, that integrates both wine list display and, optionally, wine locker management.

Your Wine Program is an Asset

Your wine list is an extension of the great services offered by your club.  In order to feature your wine list as a club asset your wine professional decides the composition of the wine information provided and can include details such as winemaker’s notes, industry reviews, chef recommendations and interesting anecdotes about the vineyard or wine. Updates to your wine cellar can be reflected in the CorkGuru iPad app immediately, so your wine menu is always accurate.

The CorkGuru iPad app provides your members with easy-to-navigate views, table side, of your restaurant’s cellar offerings customized by label, varietal, vineyard, tasting notes and price.

CorkGuru’s Wine Cellar Builder saves your wine professionals time and money. Establish a Wine Cellar membership for your club to access the Wine Cellar Builder, which allows club managers to update their cellar inventory from anywhere.

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Upgrade Your Private Wine Lockers and differentiate your wine program with CorkGuru. The built-in support for members’ individual wine lockers allows you to personalize the private subscription experience.


Each private wine locker enjoys wine-by-wine inventory detail on the iPad and through your member portal. Real-time notifications of locker inventory removal eliminates uncomfortable conversations about when the wine was enjoyed. Our integrated solution reduces the time and investment required to manage individual accounts.