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Frequently Asked Questions for CorkGuru

Occasionally you may have a question about how to use the CorkGuru wine menu app or corkguru.com. We have attempted to answer some common questions and will continuously update this list.

CorkGuru iPad App

Where can I get the CorkGuru app? If you do not already have the CorkGuru wine menu app, use the link below to download. The CorkGuru wine menu app is a free download that comes with a demo wine list.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can download and display my wine menu? No! The CorkGuru app is free. Once you create your restaurant’s private wine menu, you can download the information to an unlimited number of devices.

How do I use the app? Once your CorkGuru wine menu app is installed, follow these simple instructions to display your wine list.

  1. Use the Settings screen to enter your Restaurant Name. If you have not created a winecellar account, DemoWineListV2 provides a sample wine menu which can be used to show the capabilities of the app. To view your wine cellar, enter the Restaurant Name sent via email when the winecellar membership was established. If you forgot your Restaurant Name, please email us at support@corkguru.com and include the name, email address and phone number used to establish your winecellar account.
  2. If you do not have a winecellar membership, please click the following link to Sign Up.
  3. Once you create and/or update your wine cellar, use the SYNC NOW button on the Settings screen to refresh the wine list data.
  4. The FILTER & SORT section on the left hand side of the app, provides filters for Type, Varietal, Region and Recommended. Users can also show wines available by bottle, glass or both bottle and glass.

Why do my new wines not appear in my menu? Once you add new wines to your restaurant’s inventory, you must be sure to set the correct quantity level. Any wine with a quantity = 0 will not be displayed in your list. This helps avoid the frustration resulting from a customer selecting a bottle of wine that is sold out! Set inventory quantity to 0 if the wine is sold out. Use inventory quantity greater than 0 to show wines currently available.

Does CorkGuru require an internet connection? You do not need a continuous internet connection to view your CorkGuru wine menu. However, you will need to periodically Sync your iPads with your cellar database when you make a changes to your wine cellar. The Sync could take several seconds to several minutes depending on the number of wines in your cellar. During the Sync you will need either a wifi or 3G connection. Once the Sync is complete, you will not need the internet to use the wine menu.

What are wine lockers? Many private clubs have wine locker storage available for their members. If your club or restaurant offers locker storage, use CorkGuru to present your member with a personal list of all wines in his or her locker. The following steps describe how to display locker inventory.

  1. For restaurants with defined locker storage, the SYNC NOW button will retrieve the restaurant’s primary list as well as all locker inventory.
  2. On the home screen of CorkGuru, tap the “lockers” button.
  3. From the lockers screen, select a named locker to view the locker’s inventory. 
  4. Allow members to connect to their locker inventory through our CorkGuru for Guests iPhone app (Click for Member Instructions).

Does CorkGuru provide wine cellar reporting? Yes! From your web-based winecellar account, you are able to generate both printed menus and inventory reports. Inventory reporting includes the number of bottles of each wine, cost of goods, bottle profit and total inventory value.

Will CorkGuru help my bottom line? Absolutely! By creating a culture of consumer confidence and customer loyalty, you will not only benefit from repeat customers but individual guest will feel more empowered when selecting wine from your menu.

Tech Support

Any additional questions about the CorkGuru app or corkguru.com can be sent to support@corkguru.com at any time. If you would prefer a phone call response, please include a contact phone number in your email.

Alternatively, please feel free to call us direct at 1.877.292.8702

Our offices are located in Sewickley, PA which is a suburb of Pittsburgh.  Our postal mailing address is: PO Box 583 / Sewickley / PA / 15143

Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy

Click the following link to view our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.