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CorkGuru Team: Expertise Delivered to Your Table

wine listA professional sommelier can add great value to the overall dining experience. But, small restaurants often don’t have the resources for full time staff to manage a wine program. That’s where we can help.

CorkGuru QuickStart provides your restaurant with a wine-savvy partner team. We do the legwork required to produce a unique wine list that reflects the style of your restaurant: defining winemaker’s notes, industry reviews, chef recommendations and interesting anecdotes about the vineyard or wine for your wine list.

Here’s what you get with a CorkGuru Quickstart:

  • Research on current and future wines on your menu including labels, tasting notes and ratings.
  • Work with wine representatives to identify new wines for your list, as needed.
  • Evaluate new vintages of current wines on the list.
  • Work with the chef to determine wine and food pairings.
  • Update your wine list to reflect current inventory.
  • Deliver daily, weekly or monthly reporting of inventory levels to your inbox, including alerts for low inventory.
  • Email delivery of hard copy wine menu when the cellar changes.
  • Work with your restaurant’s web designer to feed your current wine list onto your web site.

Ready to get started? Sign up for a CorkGuru account today and contact us for a Quickstart custom quote to start managing your wine list.