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Who We Are

CorkGuru is the first digital wine platform with guest loyalty. We created this product because we believe that it is important to connect with your guests not only when they are enjoying a meal at your restaurant but also before they get there and after they leave!

CorkGuru is a team of people passionate about wine! We want people everywhere to feel that wine is approachable, fun and endlessly entertaining. Our Passion for wine began almost 20 years ago with a simple bottle of Pinot Noir at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA. It was our first Willamette Valley wine and after the first sip, we were hooked. It was not the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu but I can tell you, with certainty, it was the best wine on the menu that night. Maybe it was the waiter who sold it to us, maybe we were just ready to learn but it was the beginning of a long and satisfying journey. We want everyone to have at least one “Willamette Valley” experience because, who knows where that first bottle will take you!

CorkGuru was founded by Danielle Gillespie in 2014. CorkGuru is a Pittsburgh, PA company and is backed by several local investors including c-leveled, the region’s leading incubator and accelerator for entrepreneurs.

For information on how to use the CorkGuru Wine Menu App, click for Frequently Asked Questions.



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