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The CorkGuru® Wine Menu App is YOUR Marketing Weapon

CorkGuru is a powerful iPad wine list menu with intuitive browsing software, driven by our web-based inventory engine. These tools combined with our expert team of wine-savvy professionals will help you create an unrivaled wine list!


Robust Features Help You Deliver

With CorkGuru, your servers and customers will be equipped with an iPad wine menu application for viewing the current wine cellar. The interactive wine menu software provides robust browsing capabilities, including wine list categories for varietal, vineyard and price. Further resolution for each wine entry includes a label picture as well as tasting notes and potential food pairings. Not only will diners be able to enjoy exactly what they were looking for, they will also feel more involved in their choice for a better overall dining experience.


Accurate Information Increases Customer Satisfaction

CorkGuru provides sommeliers and servers with the ability to deliver accurate and detailed information about a restaurant’s wine inventory. Since the wine inventory software can be updated in real-time, wines that are out of stock are removed from the list. Customers, therefore, avoid the frustration of ordering a sold-out bottle of wine. Tasting notes and more also let customers feel more confident in their wine list selections, allowing for more informed and adventurous choices.


Memorable Dining Experiences Encourage Customers to Return

A dining event is more memorable when the service staff is able to deliver the perfect bottle of wine with an interesting anecdote, story or piece of relevant information. Equip your staff with a powerful tool for delivering accurate and detailed information about your restaurant’s wine cellar with the CorkGuru iPad wine menu application. With the incredible amount of details the wine menu application can include on each of your wines, diners will enjoy searching through your inventory and experiencing the selection process in a new way.


The Ultimate App for Restaurant Managers

CorkGuru is an asset for restaurant, bar, and country club managers for both increasing wine sales and maintaining a restaurant’s wine cellar. On one hand, customers will enjoy the interactive wine menu, exploring new wines and experimenting with higher priced bottles. On the other, restaurant staff will be able to more accurately track wine sales to better tailor the wine list to suit client demand. Out of stock and low stock alerts will also allow wine cellar managers to identify when bottles need to be replaced before they have to apologize to guests for the unexpected shortage.